dr. jessica ransom

Dr. Jessica R. Ransom

Dr. Jessica Ransom grew up in West Lafayette, IN, home of Purdue University. Her father was an engineering professor and so she followed in his footsteps and attended Purdue in 1994 as an engineering student. A solid foundation in Engineering made an excellent prep for Dental School. In 1998, Dr. Ransom began her dental education at Indiana University. A strong interest in oral surgery and helping the less fortunate, led her to accept a position with Detroit Community Health Connection, a not for profit medical complex in Detroit, Michigan. This opportunity gave Dr. Ransom experience treating medically compromised patients, expectant mothers, and children, as well as a great deal of surgical experience.

Feeling the need to expand her education, Dr. Ransom joined Heartland Dental Care. Heartland Dental Care is a large group practice that prides itself on educating its doctors and taking excellent care of patients. Dr. Ransom had the opportunity to pursue advanced education in cosmetics (including veneers and invisalign) and sedation dentistry. In 2006, Dr. Ransom decided to pursue a goal she had since early college and that was to move to Texas. She also decided that changing location was the perfect time to “take some time off”. She always wanted to learn Spanish and decided to attend an “immersion” program in Puebla Mexico for several months.

During her stay in Puebla Mexico, she had the opportunity to spend some time in an oral surgery office. What began as a 1-3 month stay, soon became six months and it was time to get back to the US and get back to work. Although it was great to finally be in Texas, Dr. Ransom was not completely satisfied with working for someone else and decided to pursue opening her own dental office in Missouri City, Texas. Just a few weeks after signing a lease for an office space, she encountered a pediatric office that was a joy to work in.

Dr. Ransom loves what she does and likes to make people’s smile perfect and bright at Rocky Creek Dental Care! Kids, cowards …..Come one, come all!